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“Transformation in der agilen Welt”

“Entwicklungen von Individuen ohne Hierarchien”.

Das Lunch & Talks Online MeetUp von S&N Invent war super erfolgreich, weshalb ich euch gerne darüber berichten möchte.

How to add an online food ordering system for your favourite Restaurant

A friend of mine did have huge problems keeping his restaurant up and running during the Corona Lockdown.

After I saw him struggling, I decided to invest some time and effort in the case order to see if I could help him out.

New Website is online!

I am proud to announce the launch of the newly redesigned website at

Facilitating my first virtual classroom

In these troubled times we as adults mainly focus on ourselves, the protection of our current status and how keep our jobs going right now. Which leads us to forget to think about the future and what really matters then…