Facilitating my first virtual classroom

In these troubled times we as adults mainly focus on ourselves, the protection of our current status and how keep our jobs going right now. Which leads us to forget to think about the future and what really matters then…

After some weeks of ‘Corona stress’ I am getting more used to the changes and to my new life in a ‘Corona era’. This made me think more about the future again and moved my focus towards the ‘time after Corona’. And I realised: we might be living in aging society, but 

“The future are the kids of today!”

While I was thinking about the future and how we could ensure that our kids could have one, I was watching my 9 year old son playing alone with a ball on the lawn, after having completed an overload of homework without any professional support from a teacher or group work with other kids. Sad but true his elementary school in the south of Munich actively decided against remote schooling and setting up virtual classrooms, but sending streams of emails with homework instead for the kids to sort out themselves with their parents.

“Then out of the blue my son’s school teacher called… ”

I really enjoyed hearing him speak with her and noticed even more how lonely he is at the moment and that was getting me really frustrated. Realising this and noticing the un-collborative attitude from the school and lack of support from the German and Bavarian government, I had to get into action and started to connect with other parents over WhatsApp. Everyone agreed that the kids were stressed, getting really lonely and bored from the lack of social interaction and group activities. 

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