How to add an online food ordering system for your favourite Restaurant

A friend of mine did have huge problems keeping his restaurant up and running during the Corona Lockdown.

After I saw him struggling, I decided to invest some time and effort in the case order to see if I could help him out. Many restaurant owners suddenly have to focus on their changing business model and at the same run daily operations which cost them a lot of time. They are facing massive problems and do not have time to solve those problems and certainly not have time to implement an online food order system.

I did notice that many restaurant owners would prefer to organise their own business without relying on the existing concepts such as Lieferando, Uber Eats, Just Eat, Deliveroo and other companies that focus on this market. The service these companies offer is nice for the end-user but the restaurants aren’t happy with the relatively high costs and the fear of losing control. So connecting with these guys was not an option to my friend. The solution had to be, easy to implement, cheap, in-house solution. And after some hours of thinking, I found a way to quickly, easily and most importantly independently implement an online order system without investing a lot of time and money.

Click play and see how it works.

A great case it was, and now 2 restaurants in Munich implemented the online food order tool and generating turnover without doing a large investment!

• The advantages of an online order system:
• Generate revenue from online orders straight away
• Expand your client base & generate more orders
• Lower handling costs & reduce costly errors through automation
• Increase your marketing opportunities
• Stand out from the crowd
• Stay focused on your core business

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